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West Georgia Autism Foundation’s mission is to increase awareness, education, and community support for individuals with autism, and families affected by unique autism related needs. Since our goal is to build community support, payments from our grants will be made directly to service providers. As an example, if a family is awarded a grant to purchase a tablet or an electronic device for their autistic child to use at school,  we will pay the retail store directly for the item. Individuals can receive one grant per calendar year, and must use their funding before the end of the current calendar year, or by the specific date communicated in the award notification email. Applicants must fill out and submit the application form posted on this page during the open application period in order to be considered for a grant.

We will begin the review of applications after April 30, and will award our grants by May 31, or until funds are exhausted.


For grant inquiries after the current year award cycle, please email

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 “If you’ve met one person with autism,

you’ve met one person with autism.” 

— Dr. Stephen Mark Shore

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