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Board of Directors

West Georgia Autism Foundation was created in June 2017 by community leaders in the West Georgia area who were concerned about the financial burden many families affected by autism face.


We are a diverse group of people from the West Georgia community who are committed to improving the lives of those people with autism.


President - Adam Wilkins
Vice President - Kristian Whittington
Treasurer - Harry Nelson

Secretary - Becky Nelson

Board Members

Beth Berzsenyi
Ely Elefante
Peggy Robinson
Katie Green
Dale Jackson
Laura Nelson
Anthony Smith
Jeanette Wheeler
Amy Whaley
Bryan Whaley


Autism, or autism spectrum disorder, refers to a range of conditions characterized by people who have challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication, as well as by unique strengths and differences. There is not one autism but many types, caused by different combinations of genetic and environmental influences.

The term "spectrum" reflects the wide variation in challenges and strengths possessed by each person with autism. "High functioning" or people on the upper level of the spectrum have the same condition that is commonly referred to as Asperger's Syndrome.

Autism's most-obvious signs tend to appear between 2 and 3 years of age. In some cases, it can be diagnosed as early as 18 months. Some developmental delays associated with autism can be identified and addressed even earlier.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enrich the lives of families throughout West Georgia touched by autism by providing support, promoting awareness, and educating the community

Our Mission
Supportive Friend


The West Georgia Autism Foundation serves families in our community who have autistic children or adults in the home and financially struggle with providing vital services such as autism treatment, counseling, equine therapy, and many others

We Need Your Support Today!

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