This group of local and nationally known public figures has agreed to support, endorse, and increase awareness.

  • Duane Allen - Lead Singer
    of Oak Ridge Boys
  • General Gary Harrell - Commander
    of the Black Hawk helicopter
  • Barry Morgan
    Solicitor General - Cobb County
  • Senator Mike Dugan - (R) Carrollton
    State Senate Floor Leader
  • Tommy Greer
    Lawyer, Minister and Mediator
  • Tiffany Hutchenson
  • Mac Pilgrim
  • Jack Browning
    DA Tallapoosa Judicial Circuit
  • Judge Peggy Walker
    Juvenile Ct. - Douglas Co.
  • Sheriff Terry Langley
    Sheriff Carroll Co.
  • Judge Joe Wyant
    Coweta and Heard Juvenile Ct.
  • Vic Reynolds
    Cobb District Attorney
  • Sherriff Gary Gulledge
    Sherriff Paulding Co.
  • Rep. Randy Nix - (R) LaGrange
  • Rep. Kevin Cooke - (R) Carrollton
  • Rep. J. Collins - (R) Villa Rica
  • Robin Sewell Worley
    Business Owner and Philanthropist  
  • Meghan Fleck Sullivan
    Community Leader
  • Rep. Bob Trammell - (D) Luthersville
    House Minority Leader
  • Dick Donovan
    Paulding District Attorney
  • Rep. Micah Gravley - (R) Douglasville
  • Michael and Andrea Stone
  • Judge Mike Murphy
    Haralson-Polk Superior Court
  • Danny Hutcheson
    Haralson County Coroner
  • Chief Jamie Newsom
    Cedartown Police
  • Maj. Al Sharp
    Polk County Sheriff's Office
  • Capt. Wade Williams
    Haralson County Sheriff’s Office
  • Danny McIntosh,
    McIntosh Insurance Company owner, Douglasville
  • Senator Matt Brass - (R) Newnan
  • Steve Adams
  • Phillip Perrine
  • John and Sherry Sammon
  • Mitch Gray
  • David and Joanna Schoener
  • District Attorney John Herbert Cranford, Jr.
    Carroll District Attorney