The WGAF serves families in our community who have autistic children or adults in the home and financially struggle with providing vital services such as autism treatment, counseling, equine therapy, and many others.



Raising money to financially support carefully vetted families



Promoting awareness about autism and its impact on our community.



Educating the public about what autism is and is not. Education destroys the ignorance and stigma associated with autism.

Friends of the Foundation

This group of local and nationally known public figures has agreed to support, endorse, and increase awareness. While the list is growing, a couple of the friends include Retired General Gary Harrell (commander of the Black Hawk, the helicopter in the true story and movie “Black Hawk Down.”) and Duane Allen; lead singer of the Oak Ridge Boys. (We expect Zac Brown, Joe Theisman, Herschel Walker, and Allen Jackson to be added. Our goal is 25).

Full List of friends

Board of Directors

Executive Board

Jason W. Swindle Sr.
President and Chairman of the Board

Scott Jones
Vice President

Harry Nelson

Becky Nelson

Bobby Thomson

Additional Board Members

Jenn Toney
Carrie Denham
Meredith Browning
Charles Cauble
Stephen Davenport
Mac Pilgrim
Dr. Katy Green


Media/Public/Governmental Relations
Jason Swindle -
Angela O' Conor -

General Fundraising
Harry Nelson -
Carrie Denham -

Grant Acquisition
Harry Nelson -

Clinical Treatment/Education
Angela O' Conor -

Social Media/Website Committee
Jenn Toney -

Financial Request Vetting/Disbursement
Becky Nelson -
Bobby Thomson -
Meredith Browning -

Family Advocacy
Carrie Denham -