“ This is my beloved son, with whom I am well pleased” - Matthew 3:17

Meet Harry and Becky Nelson, Treasurer and Secretary (Respectively) of WGAF as they share their journey with Autism and WGAF.

“ This is my beloved son, with whom I am well pleased” - Matthew 3:17

We noticed Jacob was a little different, but we always thought he would grow out of it.  Things would change and they did, but not the way we expected.

We are Harry and Becky Nelson and we are the proud parents of three beautiful children Jacob, Anna, and Elizabeth.  Since Jacob was our first child, we had so many questions when things “just didn’t seem right”. Jacob is now 17 years old, and we know so much more today, but Autism was not talked about as much when he was young.  We knew it existed, but to us, that wasn’t our child. Despite the fact that we did not want to accept that Jacob was on the Autism Spectrum we were graced by God with the ability to still do what was best for our son.  

At a young age we were able to get him in Speech Therapy, which allowed us to finally communicate with him.  Once he was in school we began other interventions. He was in special education, but in a regular classroom, and we became huge advocates for inclusion in the classroom.  We would not accept anything less. We were grateful for the assistance the school was providing, but we were still resistant to a diagnosis of “the A word” (Autism).

Through many battles; some with the school, some with family, and some with ourselves, I cannot think of a better way to say it other than Matthew 3:17  “ This is my beloved son, with whom I am well pleased”.

Although Autism can often feel like a battle that only the most fierce warrior can fight, it has made us better parents.  It has also taught our two daughters to be the most compassionate young ladies you will ever meet. Being a part of the West Georgia Autism Foundation is giving us the opportunity to help our fellow members of the Autism Community to deal with the challenges and celebrate the victories.  It has given us the opportunity to build something great in our own community, and that will make all the difference.    

Harry Nelson and Becky Nelson

Treasurer and Secretary (Respectively)

West Georgia Autism Foundation

WGAF is a 501c3 nonprofit organization