April 2018 Newsletter



Hello Friends,

April has arrived and with it Autism Awareness Month.  I ask that each of you consider placing the WGAF logo on your Facebook Profile or somewhere in your other social media outlets.  


This is the month when we can obtain the most exposure for autism awareness in our community.

Here are some exciting and important developments:

  1. Our 501c3 application appears to be on track with the IRS.  We received a letter two weeks ago confirming our application and letting us know that we should hear back within 90 days.  Once approved, we will fully engage in our multiple fundraising opportunities. Please consider joining the Fundraising Committee.  

  1. Speaking of fundraising, the BOD approved a date in early October for our annual fundraising event.  While a name for the event has not been chosen, masquerade will be the theme. This one event has the potential of raising thousands of dollars.  I have seen this happen under the leadership of Cynthia Daley. While we insisted that she be compensated, she refused payment but accepted our request on spearheading our inaugural event.  Her leadership will be invaluable. But, she will need a lot of help. Please consider assisting Cynthia and contacting her at cdaley@brockmaninjury.com. Another way you can get started on helping us with the fundraising project is by making a list of as many people as you know that would love to purchase a ticket, table, or just make a donation in their honor.

  1. The WGAF has been asked to speak to a number or organizations and have done so.  We currently have five speakers serving our geographic area. We are developing a general message for speakers to use when presenting to groups; we need more speakers who can get in front of more audiences to spread the word about the WGAF.  Please contact Jenn Toney if you are interested in becoming a voice for autism. You can email her at jen@giftedgear.com.

  1. Because of the many other items that need to be reported to the membership, we are planning a date in May when we can all gather and discuss all of this information. Please be on the lookout for an email, as well as checking the social media sites for the date and time. If you are unable to attend, no worries. We will send out the meeting notes after we have the event so everyone knows what is going on.

We are receiving great feedback and support, and I want to thank each and every single person that has been supporting us. Whether it is just “liking” our social media, sharing our foundation, etc., each action has given us positive results. Please continue what you are doing, no action is too small.

Jason W. Swindle Sr.


West Georgia Autism Foundation